Do people still read my blog?

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Writing this while listening to Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Someone To Stay. Thank you, The Good Doctor.

Anyway, I miss my old life. Chilling out, listening to music, or reading some good book, or being too occupied drawing something. Man, life was good back then. And now? Ha. If I'm not thinking of different ways to kill myself, I would plaster on a fake smile on my face while despising everyone around me. There are days where I find it hard to breathe, and it feels like a heavy stone was set on my chest. But I'm a one tough motherfucker. So yeah, I haven't succumb to all the suicidal ideation or depression thoughts. I guess talking about it a lot - either in real life or online (and of course, mostly I talk about it on Twitter lol) - helps me in a way. Y'know it's not good to pent it all up. 'Cuz you bound to explode sooner or later.

I actually haven't take a shower since last night lol. Once, I haven't eaten a proper meal for almost 24 hours.

Sigh. I suck.


Not Yet Dead!

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Just an FYI to anyone who is still reading this poor blog lol (read: me, whenever I am bored).

Wanted to do a post regarding the wedding (yes people of internet, I am married), but since it has been 7 months since the wedding, I think the buzz has died.

Maybe I will write about something not interesting in the far future. Who knows.

Till then.

Celcom First Gold Internet Plan Review

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Celcom is a lying scammer scumbag?

OK, first of all, let me just say that I am a devoted Celcom user for more than 5 years now. And when the First Gold Voice Call plan came out, I managed to persuade a couple of my friends to convert to that plan. Even when there are plenty of other plans out there, I still stick with Celcom through thick and thin.

But what happened to me recently is just pissing me off.

Let me tell you from the start.

I usually depend on my First Gold Voice Call plan, which offers a total of 10GB of monthly data - please don't be deceived by the seemingly large number as you only get a total of 5GB all day and another 1.25GB every weekend - whenever I need to go online. I'm a heavy user, so I usually maxed out the data by 2nd week.

Last Friday, which was 2 days ago, I was dying to use the internet (and of course my quota was finished). Tried to use the wifi in my campus (yes, I even willing to drive that far for free wifi) but there was some sort of problem. Pissed, I was determined to subscribe to another data plan.

Since I already have a broadband, I prefer to subscribe to a plan without having to buy another device. And since I don't think I'll be needing the plan for a long time, I prefer to subscribe to one without contract. And something cheap, since I'm currently unemployed. Maxis is out of the question (I was under tge impression that it's frigging expensive but I haven't confirmed it haha), and both Digi and Yes have contracts and a device will come with it (albeit Yes' is free). So Celcom seemed to be the reasonable choice.

After happily subscribing to Celcom (I must say, their customer service deserved a shoutout. Two thumbs up!), I went back home, insert the sim card to my broadband and surf the net. Browsed some websites which have quite a lot of images for maybe around 3-4 hours (maybe 5 hours?) and Skype video call for maybe 20 minutes. Yesterday, which was Saturday, I went online again, in which I mostly browsed websites which has less images than the night before.

Now, tell me, is it logical to use up all those 5GB of monthly data AND 1.25GB weekend data in just 2 days of usage? Oh and don't tell me it's because of the Skype video call, because I googled how much data used in a typical video call and it said 1GB in 1 hour of call if the video was in high quality. Even my friend, who is using the First Gold Voice plan was pissed with Celcom because she used up her data in just 1 week, while in her previous plan, she never or barely finished all her data.

Anyway, I'm off for now. Sigh.


Update: Last night I made a complaint on their online customer service because I was so upset about this. And today I received a call from Celcom customer service regarding my complaint, and the customer service guy said he'll make a report regarding this issue. Hopefully I'll get some sort of compensation.

Quickie #15

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Typing this with bae's tab because why not, amirite? He's not using it anyway so it is mine until indefinite time hehehehe.

Bullet points of things in my life right now because am too lazy to write in proper paragraph and all.

  • The results for our previous posting has been released and thankfully I passed. 
  • We just finished our mock exam. Entertaining but nerve-wrecking.
  • Tomorrow is PUPUK presentation report. Hopefully we'll do well.
  • It is day 3 of fasting.
  • We had a talk on 'Approach of Long and Short Case' this morning. Personally, I think year 3 and year 4 should be exposed to these kind of talk and the mock exam, so they'll know how they supposed to 'act' and practise in the BST and in end posting exam. I mean, why would you wanna wait until 2 months before the big exam to expose yourself to these kinda things, amirite?
  • Bae was curious what I'm doing right now because I refuse to show him what I'm typing right now so I had to tell him about my blog. Luckily he's not the type who reads so he's just scrolling through it.
  • Oh, we are currently in the student/study room because we wanted to leech the wifi and download movies 😈
  • 2 pairs of couple in our batch recently got married. Super jealous of them but who am I kidding? I am no way near ready to be married.
  • Downloaded a finance manager app to help me keep track of my spending.
Gonna stop writing here. Till then!

After Half A Year Later...

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*dusted off the microphone*

GREETINGS, EVERYONE, and welcome to my long-abandoned blog! It's a bright and sunny Thursday afternoon, and you must be wondering how on earth did I find time to write a post during what supposed to be a hectic period of my life. Fear not, my beloved readers, since I've just finished my frigging exam! Hard to believe, I know, but I finally can taste what freedom feels like.

OK, I'mma cut off the exaggeration bullshit now.

I didn't blog as often as I would like to since 1) I don't have the time to properly sit and ponder on what I want to write, 2) even if I have the time, I usually wasted it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other useless and unproductive stuff, and 3) there's nothing much really to write. I just don't have the mojo or inspiration or whatever you call it. I don't even draw that much now. Y'know how sometimes in class I would sneakily doodle other people when I was bored? Not anymore. Probably because 1) Most of the classes previously were done in a room where you can actually sit and take notes and 2) I am paying attention in the class even more right now than before.

Anyway, here I am, after about half a year later (since the last post). I don't know when will I have the time to write again, since I am in my final year of medical school, and Professional Exam is coming soon, and I will be getting married after that, and then there's this housemanship, and et cetera.

Currently, I'm in the study/student room in my faculty, abusing the wifi to download my favourite TV show aka The Blacklist. Was 80% done when the stupid wifi decided to reset its connection so now I have to start all over again. While waiting, I thought, why not writing, right?

Yesterday was the last paper of Surgical Senior Posting (SSP). Honestly, I didn't study as much and as hard I would like to. But I think I can answer most of the questions, except for the MCQ's. LOL I sucked really bad in that one. LEQ, on the other hand was quite OK, it's just that I couldn't remember certain key points which are important to answer certain questions, even though I've read about it the night before. Sucks, right? And to think that I remembered a post credit scene I've watched about two years ago.....

Having said that, I think I've been pretty lucky throughout my clinical years. I mean, my clinical skills are bad, I rarely practice the physical examinations, and yet I managed to pass every single rotation, even though I probably only get the passing marks. Plus, most of the cases I got are the common cases - yes, I know, common is common. I hated neurology, both the examination and the theory, and luckily I never get it for my clinical exam. Well, I did get Parkinson's disease as one of my short cases, and of course I did kinda bad, but whatevs.

Anyway, yes, I'm lucky, but what will happen if my luck runs out? How sure am I that I won't get those cases when I become a real doctor? *sigh*